Zombies Ate My Homework Shingles Book 5

Authors and Dragons - Except it's field trip day to the science museum, and now he's stuck with the meanest kids in seventh grade all day!But then the bus breaks down, so he doesn't even get to do anything cool at the science museum. What can you find in an adult toy store to fight zombies? well…let's just say that the field trip was pretty educational, even if the kids never made it to the museum! Shingles is the comedy horror series from the gang that brings you the Authors & Dragons podcast.

. Like the podcast, these books are rated Not Safe For Anything. When the bus driver abandons them in the middle of a zombie outbreak, his brother Andy, Todd, his best friend Tarik, and their tomboy friend Mikayla take shelter in the first place they can find - an adult novelty store. Wake his kid brother andy up, get tormented on the school bus by the cool kids, try to avoid them while in school.

Zombies Ate My Homework Shingles Book 5 - It's okay, because an industrial accident brings science to Todd and his friends in the form of a zombie apocalypse. It started out like a normal day for Todd Graves.

The Legend of Jimmy Headshot Shingles Book 6

Authors & Dragons - Click above to buy now and prepare to have your funny bone marinated in the rancid stew of our imaginations. Jimmy perkins was your average twelve-year-old sociopath. The dead have risen from their graves to feed upon the flesh of the living, and Jimmy couldn’t be happier about it. So much for school, chores, or mowing the lawn.

He played sports, despised his little sister, and eagerly awaited the day when society finally crashed and burned. Now the zombie apocalypse is upon us. He’s here to kick ass and take names, and woe be it to anyone who dares tell him he’s up past his bedtime. Shingles is the horror comedy series from the minds behind the Authors & Dragons podcast.

Aliens Wrecked Our Kegger Shingles Book 4

- Now clyde has to hunt down his sibling with only his most trusted lackey along to help. When clyde found out he had to drag his socially inept younger brother, to a kegger, Dougie, he expected it to be the worst part of his day. Will he manage to recover both his beer and dougie? will they survive the night as they unveil the mysterious secret of the kidnappers? Will the Earth be destroyed thanks to their bumbling incompetence? Probably that last one, but you’ll have to read it to find out.

Unfortunately, that was before two dudes wielding high-tech gadgets made off with both his kegs and his brother.

The Monkey's Penis Shingles Book 3

- Be careful what you wish for…chris doesn't ask for much and he usually gets less, but a birthday gift of a disembodied monkey penis is about to change all that. Entering a world of mysterious powers and nightmarish consequences, Chris realizes the secret belief of every teenage boy- that his wang has the power to change the world.

The monkey's penis is the third installment in the terrifying Shingles series, and once again readers with weak hearts or bladders are advised to read on at their own risk.

Gary's Children Shingles Book 2

Authors & Dragons - Gary soon finds himself at the doorstep of a creepy old pawn shop where he buys a used adult novelty toy to spice up his one-man sex life. Pity for him that it’s cursed by the angry spirits of all the “kids” he’s flushed down the toilet. But that’s okay because gary’s got the perfect solution to all of life’s troubles: a porn site subscription and his right hand.

Sadly, all habits grow old, even the fun ones. One man’s quest for stress relief leads to terror. Gary Handler has issues. Needless to say, hairy palms are about to become the least of his worries. Jack on, jack off. His boss hates him, his mother hounds him, and his cat thinks he’s an idiot. With the jacklight in book 2 of Shingles, the horror comedy series that’s not for those with faint hearts or weak bladders.

The Ghost of Hooker Alley Shingles Book 1

Authors & Dragons - What they discover will make you soil your pants in terror. Open at your own risk. Sarah and tommy have the same kinds of problems as most any ten-year-old girl and six-year-old boy. It will make your skin crawl. This book is not recommended for anyone with heart or bladder issues. But they aren't the only ones in that alley.

That sort of thing. Shingles. But they're not going to take their problems lying down. After a quick bus ride into town to buy a gun, they think their problems are all but solved. That is, until a creepy weirdo follows them into an alley. It might even give you. Homework, bullies, dad not going in to work since Mom ran off to fuck the postman.

Terror on Hypo Beach Shingles Book 7

Authors & Dragons - He's about to get a crash course in love, the real dangers of drug use, and maybe. Eric and his little brother Bobby left to fend for themselves in the hotel room with no food or money. But this vacation would be different, because Eric is about to meet the love of his life. Just maybe. We're going to hypo Beach, and it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Dad crying at the hotel bar. It was supposed to be a family vacation just like any other. Mom off blowing random dudes somewhere. Butt stuff. Buckle up, kids.

Put Your Hand In My Ass Shingles Book 8

- What he gets is sloppy- an enchanted puppet with weird sexual proclivities and an extremely problematic approach to comedy. Does will have what it takes to make it in the cut-throat world of showbiz? And how deep is he willing to stick his hand to find out? Will monroe wants to be a famous entertainer more than anything, and he knows the high school talent show is the first step.

What he needs is a mentor. Unfortunately he has no talent.

Demon Load Shingles Book 9

Authors & Dragons - So, he was left feeling a bit hung out to dry when his new washing machine turned out to have more bells and whistles than he was comfortable with. When a freak accident brings the machine to life, Dave begins to fear it could lead to a nightmare future, though, one in which mankind has been permanently pressed out of existence.

Is his newly sentient washer content with simply bleaching his underwear or is it planning to rinse humanity away in a final spin cycle of torment? David reese doesn’t like technology.

Slaughter on Giggletime Mountain Shingles Book 10

- And among the hapless victims, a new challenge slinks through the shadows. Now, for the first time in years, Giggletime Mountain has visitors. A violent, deadly history with pink floppy ears and a blood-soaked axe. Guests who are digging into things best left forgotten. Giggletime Mountain has a history. Modern murderers, seeking to take the hunting ground for themselves, unaware of the predator that already calls it home.

When the blood dries, who will survive the Slaughter on Giggletime Mountain? One rampage after another befell the poor amusement park visitors, forcing the doors finally shut for good. Until someone saw a chance for profit.

It Came From My Butthole Shingles Book 11

Authors & Dragons - Cooter conners was your typical son of an out-of-work rodeo clown until he ate a taco that would change his life forever. This very special installment of Shingles asks the hard-hitting questions. Is there an afterlife?does god judge us according to the condiments we consume?Jesus is totally white, right? I mean, like, everybody knows that.

You may want to leave the lights on while you read this shocking tale of horror, your bladder fail you, lest your heart freeze, and your skin break out in. Shingles.