Uncommon Stock: Exit Strategy The Uncommon Series Book 3

- Offers readers a special lens into a unique and compelling world packed with intrigue and adventure. A must-read trilogy. Huffington post books mara winkel is America's tech darling, CEO of the fastest-growing startup in the world. Will they free themselves and achieve their dream or be forever consigned to the shackles of criminal conspiracy on a global scale?The final book in The Uncommon Series is a frenetic page-turner packed with relentless ambition, shadowy intrigue, and deadly brilliance.

. Her company, mozaik, fights financial fraud with its revolutionary software and is hurtling towards a record-breaking IPO. But just as mara and her team prepare for the ultimate success, the dark forces that have haunted them since the beginning move in for the kill.

Uncommon Stock: Power Play The Uncommon Series Book 2

- Offers readers a special lens into a unique and compelling world packed with intrigue and adventure. But mozaik doesn't just build widgets; their software uncovers financial fraud. When mozaik's first major project reveals a dark secret at the heart of a large international bank, Mara and her team get sucked deeper into a conspiracy of dangerous money launderers, dysfunctional team members, and shady venture capitalists.

Can they build a new business and survive intact? Their company and their lives are on the line. A must-read trilogy. Huffington post booksmara winkel is the CEO of Mozaik, the fastest-growing tech startup in Boulder, CO.

Uncommon Stock: Version 1.0 The Uncommon Series Book 1

- It turns out this is especially true when your technology threatens entrenched drug cartels. Mara has to juggle mysterious investors, critical customers, opaque partners, and a team that is as brilliant as it is dysfunctional until only one question remains: win or die. Offers readers a special lens into a unique and compelling world packed with intrigue and adventure.

A must-read trilogy. Huffington post booksmara winkel is rock climbing, and 'studying' her way through school at the University of Colorado, mountain biking, Boulder. But when her best friend james asks her to partner with him to start a disruptive new software company she discovers that the world of technology startups is fraught with intrigue, adrenaline, soaring successes, and scorching failures.

Borderless An Analog Novel Book 2

47North - But how much is freedom really worth? How she deploys the secrets in her arsenal will shape the future of a planet on the brink of disaster. When she’s hired to investigate the world’s leading techno capitalist, she unknowingly accepts an assignment with a dark ulterior purpose. Doing the right thing means risking everything to change the rules of the game.

Information is power, and whoever controls the feed rules the world in this all-too-plausible follow-up to the science fiction thriller Bandwidth. Exiled from washington after a covert operation gone wrong, Diana is building a new life as a freelance spy, though her obsessive secrecy is driving away the few friends and allies she can count on.

Borderless An Analog Novel Book 2 - Navigating a labyrinth of cutouts and false fronts, Diana discovers a plot to nationalize the global feed. As tech and politics speed toward a catastrophic reckoning, Diana must reconcile the sins of her past with her dreams of tomorrow.

Breach An Analog Novel Book 3

47North - But can she seize the future?Emily’s quest for redemption spirals into an all-out shadow war. Black-market blood sport is the perfect self-imposed penance. But when she stumbles on a plot to overthrow the corporate empire that provides the ubiquitous global feed, Emily discovers her old friends have been targeted.

Emily can’t escape the past. Warning them will force her out into the open, back on-grid, and directly into danger. Or destroyed. What constitutes justice in a world run by algorithms? The feed—and Emily—must be reinvented. A hacker is drawn out of hiding and into an epic geopolitical showdown in the frighteningly plausible conclusion to Eliot Peper’s critically acclaimed Analog Series.

Breach An Analog Novel Book 3 - When you’ve betrayed your revolutionary cadre, an off-grid fight club on a remote tropical island is a good place to hide—or die. For notorious ex-hacker Emily Kim, the outcome of each fight makes little difference.


- Huian li is preeminent among the Silicon Valley elite as the founder and CEO of the pervasive tech giant Cumulus. Will they survive to find themselves and mend a broken system? Cumulus is your new favorite surveillance-fueled dystopian novel. But when huian rescues lilly from a run-in with private security forces, it sets off a chain of events that will change their lives and the world.

The adventure accelerates into a mad dash of political intrigue, relentless ambition, and questionable salvation. Graham chandler is a frustrated intelligence agent forging a new path through the halls of techno-utopian royalty. It's a future we can all recognize - and one that we should all be genuinely afraid of.

Cumulus - Ars technica in the not-so-distant future, economic inequality and persistent surveillance push Oakland to the brink of civil war. Lilly miyamoto is a passionate analog photographer striving to pursue an ever more distant dream.

Neon Fever Dream

- When an enigmatic seductress offers her a golden ticket, Asha decides to take a leap of faith and head to Burning Man. Do yourself a favor and check out Neon Fever Dream. Popular science a dark secret hides in the swirling dust and exultant revelry of Burning Man. Asha amarasuriya is bored and struggling to get by as a martial arts instructor in Oakland.

A tightly-woven tale of espionage and self-realization. But there is more than meets the eye at the infamous desert pilgrimage and Asha gets sucked into a quest to unravel a sinister mystery at the heart of Black Rock City. Will asha and her friends survive to expose the shadowy conspiracy? By the time the Man burns, their lives will have changed forever.

Bandwidth An Analog Novel Book 1

47North - Going public would destroy everything he’s worked so hard to build, but it’s not just Dag’s life on the line—a shadow war is coming, one that will secure humanity’s future or doom the planet to climate catastrophe. Ultimately, dag must decide the price he’s willing to pay to change the world.

As he struggles to make sense of the dark forces closing in on him, he discovers that activists are hijacking the feed to manipulate markets and governments. But when a close brush with death reveals that the influence he wields makes him a target, impossible cracks appear in his perfect, richly appointed life.

Bandwidth An Analog Novel Book 1 - Like everyone else, dag relies on his digital feed for everything—a feed that is as personal as it is pervasive, and may not be as private as it seems. A rising star at a preeminent political lobbying firm, Dag Calhoun represents the world’s most powerful technology and energy executives.


Paragon Press - Richardsstandalones quantum lensgame changerinfinity bornseekerveracityoracleserieswired wired 1amped wired 2mind's eye nick hall 1brainweb nick hall 2mind war nick hall 3split secondsplit second 1time frame split second 2kids science fiction thrillers 9 and up, enjoyed by kids and adults alikeTRAPPED Prometheus Project 1CAPTURED Prometheus Project 2STRANDED Prometheus Project 3OUT OF THIS WORLDDEVIL'S SWORD.

But others do. She just doesn't know it yet. From the ny times bestselling author whose books have been downloaded over a million times. An interstellar war is racing toward an unsuspecting Earth. Others who will stop at nothing to ensure that her abilities never see the light of day. Soon anna is fighting for her life against an array of powerful adversaries, and not all of them are human.

Oracle - A breathtaking near-future thriller. Can one young woman stop it before it's too late?  LA detective Anna Abbott can see brief, cryptic visions of the future. One that has raged for thousands of years, but which is completely unknown to humankind. Until now. But even if anna can beat the odds and stay alive, the greatest threat of all awaits: A super-intelligent species determined to prevent humanity from achieving its evolutionary destiny-at any cost.

Oracle is a roller-coaster ride of a thriller.

True Blue A Short Story

- Blues are absent from the halls of power, the few celebrated exceptions proving the rule. But his secret is about to come out. In a world where the color of your eyes might just get you killed, Kamran Tir has survived by living a lie. Crime dramas feature blue homicidal maniacs. The #1 bestselling parable of persecution and self-discovery.

Everybody knows that people with blue eyes are lazy, violent, and stupid. Parents protect their children from the corrupting influence of blue peers. Blue travelers take secondary screening at every airport for granted.

Kill Switch Kill Chain Book 2

liquididea press - Tapestry’s privacy and security is so effective that it impedes the government’s ability to monitor routine communications. Fearing tapestry will spread to encompass the whole of the Internet, threatening America’s surveillance abilities around the globe, the government swoops in to stop Angie and company -- by any means possible.

Under the constant threat of exposure -- of angie’s criminal past, of Igloo’s secret life in the underground kink scene, and of their actions to subvert a FISA court order -- they must hatch a plan to ensure the success of Tapestry no matter what pressures the government brings to bear. Not knowing whom to trust, or if they can even trust each other, Igloo and Angie must risk everything in the ultimate battle for control of the Internet.

Kill Switch Kill Chain Book 2 - Igloo and angie are the co-founders of a new social network, Tapestry, based on the principles of privacy and data ownership. Two years later, with tapestry poised to become the world’s largest social network, their rapid growth puts them under government scrutiny.