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1. FireplaceBlowersOnline


Vermont Castings, Temco, Quiet, FireplaceBlowersOnline FK24 Fireplace Blower kit for Majestic, High Air Flow, Martin, Rotom HB-RB65 | Ball Bearing, CFM, Northern Flame

FireplaceBlowersOnline #ad - Kit includes ball bearing blower, rheostat, galvanized mounting bracket, thermostat, 3-prong power cord, noise reduction padding and installation instructions. Does it fit your fireplace? see our compatibility chart in description.

1 year comprehensive warranty. Total length = 12. 5" width = 3. 23" height = 3. 73" flange opening = 9 1/2" | 130 cfm, 3000 rpm, 120° / 90° thermostat, cw rotation, 0.86 amps, 35 watts, 120 volts, class h motor insulation rated to 392°F / 200°C. Makes for an excellent universal fit blower kit! If you don't see your model listed or have installation questions, please contact us directly. Assembled and tested in Racine, WI USA. Easy dIY installation. Wall switch NOT required. Comes fully assembled and pre-wired. Instructions included. High quality sealed ball bearing motor - Powerful, Quiet, Superbly Balanced, Energy Efficient and Long Lasting.
BrandFireplaceBlowersOnline #ad
ManufacturerFireplaceBlowersOnline #ad
Height6 Inches
Length18 Inches
Width6 Inches
Part NumberFK24KIT

2. MyFireplaceBlower


Monessen, FK24 Fireplace Blower Kit for Majestic, Temco, Vermont Castings, CFM

MyFireplaceBlower #ad - Streamlined wiring kit - everything you need for Quick & Easy Installation - Instructions Included. Blower housing manufactured in USA - 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty. Features - variable speed switch to regulate Air Flow, Combined with the automatic power activation of a Heat Sensor. Cfm: 135 - rpm: 3000 - volts: 115 - amps: 05. Sealed ball bearing motor - Engineered to Run Smooth & Quiet.
BrandMyFireplaceBlower #ad
ManufacturerMy Fireplace Blower #ad
Height3.4 Inches
Length12.5 Inches
Width4 Inches
WarrantyThe comprehensive 1 year warranty covers quality and function of parts sold: myfireplaceblower will cover the costs of replacement, repair and shipping of the blowers, fans and accessories sold. This warranty does not cover external elements, only the integrity and functionality of the parts used in blower kit. Myfireplaceblower llc’s liability shall be limited to the replacement of the goods or a refund of the purchase price. In no case shall myfireplaceblower llc be held liable for incidental damages or any labor charges. Any blower, fan or associated accessory which has been modified will be considered for warranty or repaired at the discretion of myfireplaceblower. If your item is defective, please talk to one of our helpful specialists at 1-800-466-4045. Ra number is required for return refund or replacement.

3. Hyco


Monessen, Hyco FK24 Fireplace Blower Fan kit for Majestic, Northern, Vermont Castings, Rotom #HBRB65, CFM

Hyco #ad - Wall switch for blower not rEQUIRED ◆Blower total Length=12. 5" width=3. 73" height=3. 23" flange opening=9 1/2", thermodisc assembly, Power Consumption: 31W; Material: Aluminum+Galvanized Steel; Certifications: Motor UL Approved. Fits majestic models: lx36dv, rhedv42, uv33, uvc43, uv33c, uvbc42, tl36, uvbc43, uv36rn, stdvdne, uvdc36, stdvdpe, stdvdpv, sc36a, trc42, mldv500, uvdc42, tl36i, rc36a, rhe25, uvbc36, mbuc36, rhe42, pfdvdne, nvb series, uvs36rn, uvbrn36, uv36rp, nvbr36, rhedv25, mbuc42, nvc36, rdv4136, uvs33rp, nv360, uvbcn36, pfdvdpe, nvc39, rfs32, pfdvdnv, uvbc33, mbuc36i, nv580, uvc36, sc42a, nvc43, nvbc42, rc36, mrc42, rhe32, mbuc42i, tl42, rfs22, tl42i, stdvdnv, rfs42, rhedv32, uvs36, uvs33rn, UVS36RP.

Fits vermont castings models: 33bdvr, 36xdvrfp, 36xdven, 33xdvrn, d232, 39rdvn, 33tdvdsn, dbr36, dbr33, dbr39, 36rdvn, 39xdven, 36xdvrn, lhec20, 33rdvdsn, 36bdvt, 33tdvn, 36cdvzrrn, 33xdvrp, 39tdvdsn, dbt33, 39bdvr, 36cdvztrn, lhec30, 36rdvdsn, lhecdv20rn, a232, 39tdvn, dbt36, lhecdv20rfn, 39rdvdsn, 33XDVEP, 39xdvrp, 39xdvep, lhec20, lhecdv20, dbt39, 39xdvrn, 36bdvr, 33xdven, lhecdv20rp, dva4136, lhecdv30, 36xdvep, 36xdvrp, 36tdvn, 36xdvrfn, 36tdvdsn, 33rdvn, 39bdvt, 33bdvt, LHECDV30RFN.

Fits majestic models: 300dvblpsc7, 360dvs3rp, 33xdvr, 33ldv, 33bdvr, 33ldvren, 33ldvten, 33ldvrrn, 33ldvtep, 33bdvten, 33ldvrrp, 36bdvr, 33bdvtep, 36bdvren, 33xdvrrn, 33isdg, 33ldvtip, 33bdvrep, 33ldvtrp, 33bdvtrp, 33xdvren, 33bdvt, 360dvs3, 33xdv, 33bdvtrn, 33bdvren, 360dvs2rn, 33bdvrrn, 33xdvrrp, 33ldvrep, 33bdvrrp, 33ldvt, 360dvs2, 33ldvtin, 32vfsnvc, 360dvslrp, 360dvsrrp, 33ldvr, 360dvslrn, 33xdvrep, 360dvs2rp, 32vfsc, 360dvsl, 33ldvtrn, 360dvs3rn, 360dvsr, 360dvsrrn, 36BDVREP and so on. Includes blower fan unit, 120v, speed control module, insulation class h rated to 392°f / 200°c motor rpm: 2050, 0.6 amps, galvanized mounting bracket, 60hz, airflow in c. F.
BrandHyco #ad
ManufacturerHyco #ad
Height4 Inches
Length13 Inches
Weight4.5 Pounds
Width4.5 Inches

4. Hongso


Temco, Rotom R7-RB12, Majestic, Lopi, FK12, Vermont Castings, FK24 Replacement Fireplace Blower Fan UNIT for Monessen, Hongso GFK4

Hongso #ad - No power cord or instructions. Fits majestic: dvb4136, dvrt36rn, dvrt36rfn, dvrt36rp, dvrs3, dvr36rn insta-flame, dvr36rmh insta-flame, dvr36rp insta-flame, dvr36, dvrt36en, dvbr36, dvb7 series, dvr33, DVBR36RN, dvrt36ep, DVR33RP Insta-Flame, dvbr42rp, dvbr42rn, dvrt36rmh, dvrsl, dvrt36rfp, dvbr36rp, dvrt36, dvrsr, dvr33rn insta-flame, dvbr42, DVR39, DVRT39.

Cross reference numbers: blower unit only, fk24, fk12, r7-rb12, 8900755a, 111215G, GFK4, FK4, EM3030LH-85. Includes replacement fireplace blower only. Can be used as a universal replacement blower. Fits heatilator: sl-550be, 33isdg, 300dvblpsc7, sl-550trs-e, 33bdvtrn, sl-750trs-ipi-e, 33bdvrrn, 33bdvt, 32vfspvc, sl-550be-ipi, 300dvbl, 33bdvrrp, sl-750trs-e, 33bdvren, 33ldv, 300dvblnsc7, sl-550trs-ipi-e, 32vfsc, 33bdvtrp, 33bdvrep, 32vfsnvc, 33bdvten, 33bdvr, 33bdvtep, titan; ▶︎ fits majestic: 300dvb, 300dvbh, 33LDVR.

Fits heatilator: a36c, be-36-c, cd4236ilr-c, bv4842dbi, cd4236ir-c, a36ch, cd4236ir, adi-zc-fb, cd4236milr, bv4236dbi, adi60s, cb4842ir, cd4236ilr, cb4236mir, bcdv36, adi-zcfb-s, be-36-cipi, a42ch, a42c, cb4842mir, cb4236ir, cd4236lr, CD4842MILR. Total length = 12. 5" width = 3.
BrandHongso #ad
ManufacturerHongso #ad
Height3.8 Inches
Length12.5 Inches
Width4.3 Inches
Part NumberGFK4, FK12, FK24 unit
ModelGFK4, FK12, FK24 unit

5. Durablow


Rotom HB-RB65, Vermont Castings, Northern Flame, Durablow MFB007-B FK24 Replacement Fireplace Blower Fan Kit for Monessen, CFM, Majestic, Temco

Durablow #ad - Wall switch for blower not required; the "fits" brand and model # are reference only! please check the size & ratings of your originals before buying^length x width x height inches: 14. 9 x 4. 15 x 3. 25 motor type: ball bearing insulation class h rated to 392°f / 200°c motor rpm: 3000 airflow in c. F. M: 130 ratings: 120v, 36ldv, g342al, wm36, 39xdvrp, dv360, cdvz series, uv33, dvrt39, uvc43, cdvr47, uvs36rn, 39ldvtin, 33xdvrep, tl36i, dvrt39ep, lhec20, dvbr36rp, 39xdv, rfs42, 43bdvrrp, lhec20, 39rdvdsn, dvrsr, bc42i, nv360, 36bdvten, 39rdvn, dvbr36, 36bdvt, dvrtsb, fk24, dv360rn insta-flame, 33bdvr, dv360rfp insta-flame, sc42a, 33rdvdsn, 360dvsrrn, uvbrn36, 43bdvtrp, mldv500, cldvdnv, trc42, 360dvsl, rc36a, 33ldvt, lx32dv^fits majestic: lx36dv, 360dvslrn, dbr33, rdv4136, 39bdvt, 360dvs2rp, dvrt36rfn, dv580rfn insta-flame, dva4136, 41dvn, 36cdvrrn, 36cdvzrrn, dvrsl, 360dvsr, dvrt36en, 43ldvtep, lhec30, bc36i, 39ldvtep, 39xdvep, dvr33, uvbcn36, cdvr33, 41dvdsn, stdvdnv, 33bdvtrp, dv580rp insta-flame, tl42, uvdc36, 400dvblnsc7, dvr33rp insta-flame, lhecdv30rfn, 36tdvdsn, 36cdvztrn, 43bdvren, uvc36, 39xdvrn, 43bdvrrn, 39xdvep, g330an, 43ldvrep, lhecdv30rp^fits temco: 33tdvn, uv33c, g342a, 33ldv, bhdt36, 43bdvrep, 500dvb, 500dvblpsc7, 33tdvn^cross reference numbers: blower kit, 36xdven, 39rdvdsp, 33ldvtrp, 360dvs3rp, 33bdvrrp, uvbc42, pfdvdne, mbuc36i, 39tdvn, lhecdv30, 43ldvten, 43bdvtep, 33ldvren, mbuc36, 36bdvr, shutoff at 90°f / 32°c material: aluminum + galvanized steel packaging materials: shipping box, nvc36, dvrt36rp, 33xdvep, 41dvp, mbuc42, nvb series, 36cdvxtrn, pfdvdnv, stdvdpv, nv580, 36rdvn, 41dvdsp, crdvdnv, 33bdvtep, 33tdvdsn, 60hz power consumption watts: 35 3-prong Power Cord: YES Power Cord Length inches: 75 Rheostat Variable Speed: YES Magnetic Thermostat: YES Thermostat Temperature: Activate at 120°F / 50°C, 33tdvdsp, dbt36, 39tdvdsn, 43bdvten, dvrt43rp, mbuc42i, 36rdvp, dvt43, dvbr42rp, 36BDVTEP, 33rdvp, WMII42HT, mrc42, 33LDVTIN, dvr36, 43ldvr, 39ldvtrp, cdvr42, cdvt33, 33rdvdsn, 360dvs3, uvs43, 33BDVT, NVC43, dvrt36rn, dvrt43en, 360dvs2, 33xdvrrn, 360DVSLRP, 43bdvtrn, dbr39, uvs36, 39rdvn, 360dvs2rn, 400dvblnv7, lhecdv20rfn, wmii-42a, rhedv32, dvrt39en, 36bdvt, 36cdvzrrn, 36cdvztrn, rhe25, cdvt42, dvrt43, dbt39, 36xdvep, NVC39, rfs32, dvr33rn insta-flame, uvdc42, 39xdven, 33bdvt, 36CDVXRRN, 33tdvn, 36bdvrep, 36rdvn, uvbc33, heats large rooms efficiently, 400dvblpv7, 33rdvdsp, g330n, 400DVBH, rhedv42, 500dvbl, dvrt36rmh, wmr36; fits vermont castings: 33bdvr, 36cdvxrrp, 360dvsrrp, crdvdpv, 43LDVTRN, d232, 36TDVN, 33ldvten, dvbr42, 36cdvtrp, rhedv25, CLDVDNE, 33xdvren, 39ldvtrn, 36cdvztrn, lhecdv20rn, 36bdvr, uv36rp, uvs33rn, 43LDVTRP, 32vfsnvc, dvrt41, stdvdpe, g342an, wmii-42, 33xdvrp, 43LDVT, g336a, 500dvblpv7, dvr36rmh insta-flame, dv580, 36rdvdsn, dvbr36rn, 33ldvtrn, rhe42, cdvt36, 33bdvren, g336an, 500dvblnsc7, uvs33rp, dvr36rp insta-flame, dvb7 series, 36CDVXRRN, dvt36, 36cdvtrn, 33LDVREP, 36xdvrp, dvrt43ep, 33ldvrrn, a232, Motor UL Approved.

Fits majestic: 300dvblpsc7, 36xdvrn, dvrt39rn, crdvdpe, 36cdvxtrp, dvrt43rn, cldvdpe, 33rdvn, 33ldvrrp, installs quickly and easily with included instructions, 33ldvr, lhecdv20rp, 39rdvdsn, dv580rn insta-flame, wm36a, cldvdpv, dvbr42rn, g336al, 33ldvtip, 39rdvp, 39ldvten, rfs22, 36tdvdsp, 43ldvrrp, dbr36, 36bdvrrp, tl42i, stdvdne, 39ldvtip, 490idvnvc, 36tdvdsn, 33xdvr, 36cdvzrrn, 36tdvn, 400dvblpsc7, dbt33, 36ldv, 600dvb, dv360rp insta-flame, 43ldvren, foam certifications: rheostat, dvr36rn insta-flame, 33ldvtep, 33xdvrn, 43ldv, dv360rfn insta-flame, 36cdvrrp, dvrt36ep, 39xdvrp, thermostat, 33isdg, lhecdv30rn, 33tdvdsn, cdvt47, 43bdvt, g336l, dvrt36, hb-rb65 ; benefits: helps reduce costly energy bills, 33xdvrrp, g330l, uvbc36, bc36, 400dvb, g330al, 400dvbl, 36bdvren, 39xdven, 36rdvdsn, rc36, 36xdvrfp, uv36rn, 33xdv, uvsrc42a, 36rdvdsp, 33xdven, 43bdvr, 500dvblnv7, bc42, 33bdvrep, dv580rfp insta-flame, uvbc43, wm42-sx, dvrt36rfp, dvr39, 43ldvrrn, 39bdvr, rhe32, 33bdvten, g342n, 36bdvrrn, nvbc42, r7-rb65, sc36a, pfdvdpe, crdvdne, 36xdvrfn, bubble wrap, 33rdvn, lhecdv30rfp, lhecdv20, 39xdvrn, 33bdvrrn, cdvr36, dvb4136, 33bdvtrn, 360dvs3rn, tl36, dvrt39rp, uvsrc36a, bhdr36, 39tdvn, 39tdvdsp, dvrs3, uvs36rp, nvbr36, 32vfsc, 490idvpvc, 36cdvxtrn, reasonable price aftermarket parts.
BrandDurablow #ad
ManufacturerPayandPack #ad
Height4 Inches
Length15 Inches
Weight5 Pounds
Width3.5 Inches
Part NumberMFB007-B
Warranty19-month limited warranty.

6. Direct Store


Temco, Vermont Castings, Majestic, Northern Flame, Rotom HB-RB65, CFM, Direct Store Parts Kit DN115 FK24 Replacement Fireplace Blower Fan KIT for Monessen

Direct Store #ad - Fits majestic:uvdc36, 36rdvn, uvs33rp, 36tdvdsn, 36tdvn, uvs36rp, uvs33rn, uvs43, 36xdven, 33xdven, 36bdvr, wmii42ht, wm36, uvsrc36a, wm42-sx, uvsrc42a, 33rdvdsn, wmii-42, 33xdvep, 36rdvdsn, wmii42a, uvs36rn, 33TDVDSN, wm36a, wmr36; fits vermont castings: 33bdvr, 36cdvzrrn, 33xdvrp, uvdc42, 33tdvn, 33xdvrn, 36bdvt, 36cdvztrn, 33rdvn, uvs36, 33bdvt, 36XDVEP. Fits majestic: lx36dv, nvc36, sc42a, tl42, rc36a, rfs42, rfs32, pfdvdnv, nvc39, rhedv42, rhe32, uvbc42, uv36rn, stdvdpv, uvbc43, nvbseries, pfdvdne, nvbc42, tl36i, stdvdnv, rhedv25, rhe42, rfs22, sc36a, stdvdpe, uvbcn36, uv33c, mbuc42i, mldv500, uv36rp, uvbc33, mrc42, pfdvdpe, tl42i, nv360, uvbrn36, mbuc36, uvc36, nvbr36, rdv4136, mbuc36i, rhedv32, rc36, nvc43, uv33, stdvdne, tl36, uvbc36, rhe25, mbuc42, trc42, nv580, UVC43.

L14. 9 x w4. 15 x h3. 25 motor type: ball bearing insulation class h rated to 392°f / 50°c, thermostat, shutoff at 90°f / 200°c motor rpm: 3000 airflow in c. F. M: 130 ratings: 120v, 60hz power consumption watts: 35 3-prong power cord: yes power cord length inches: 75 rheostat Variable Speed: YES Magnetic Thermostat: YES Thermostat Temperature: Activate at 120°F / 32°C Material: Aluminum + Galvanized Steel Packaging Materials: Rheostat, Motor UL Approved.

Fits vermont castings: 36xdvrfn, dbt33, dbr39, 39xdvrp, lhecdv30rfn, dbr36, lhecdv30rn, 39xdvrn, lhecdv30rfp, lhecdv30, 39xdven, lhecdv20rp, lhecdv20rn, dbt36, dbr33, 39rdvdsn, 39bdvt, lhec30, 39tdvn, lhec20, dva4136, d232, 39rdvn, lhec20, a232, 36xdvrn, lhecdv20RFN, dbt39, lhecdv20, 39xdvep, 39tdvdsn, 36xdvrp, 39bdvr, 36xdvrfp, LHECDV30RP. Fits temco: 33tdvn, 36tdvdsn, 33tdvdsp, 39rdvdsp, 39rdvdsn, 36cdvxtrp, 41dvdsn, 41dvdsp, 33rdvp, 36cdvtrn, 36cdvtrp, 36rdvdsn, 39tdvdsp, 36rdvn, 36tdvn, 36cdvrrp, 41dvp, 33rdvdsp, 33tdvdsn, 39rdvp, 36cdvxtrn, 36tdvdsp, 36cdvxrrn, 36cdvxrrp, 39tdvn, 36rdvdsp, 39rdvn, 41dvn, 36rdvp, 36cdvrrn, 33rdvdsn, 33rdvn, 33TDVN.
BrandDirect Store #ad
ManufacturerDirect store #ad
Height3.5 Inches
Length14.5 Inches
Width4.5 Inches
Part NumberDN115

7. Hongso


Vermont Castings, Hongso FK24 Fireplace Blower Fan KIT for Majestic, Northern Flame Fireplaces

Hongso #ad - Cross reference numbers: blower kit, fk24, r7-rb65, hb-rb65. Wall switch for blower NOT REQUIRED. Fits majestic: 300dvblpsc7, 33xdvrep, 33bdvt, 33ldvrrn, 32vfsnvc, 33bdvren, 33ldvtep, 33ldvr, 33ldvrep, 32vfsc, 33ldv, 33ldvten, 33ldvtin, 33ldvtip, 33ldvrrp, 33bdvten, 33bdvrep, 33bdvtrp, 33bdvtrn, 33bdvrrn, 33ldvren, 33xdvrrn, 33isdg, 33bdvtep, 33ldvtrp, 33ldvt, 33xdvren, 33xdvr, 33bdvr, 33bdvrrp, 33ldvtrn, 33xdv, 33XDVRRP.

Note: the "fits" brand and model # listed below are Reference ONLY! Make sure you measure the size of your original blowers and compare with the replacements BEFORE you order. Fits majestic: lx36dv, nvb series, nvc43, rhedv32, rc36a, sc42a, rdv4136, tl42i, nvc36, mbuc42, nvbc42, pfdvdne, mrc42, mbuc36i, tl36, stdvdnv, pfdvdpe, rfs22, nv360, sc36a, rhedv42, rfs42, rhe25, rhe32, rfs32, mbuc42i, nvc39, tl36i, rc36, stdvdpv, rhedv25, nvbr36, stdvdpe, stdvdne, mldv500, rhe42, nv580, pfdvdnv, mbuc36, tl42, TRC42.

Includes blower fan unit, galvanized mounting bracket, thermodisc assembly, speed control module, noise reduction padding & installation instructions. Blower total length = 12. 5" width = 3. 73" height = 3. 23" flange opening = 9 1/2", 120v, 06 amps, 60hz, airflow in c.
BrandHongso #ad
ManufacturerHongso #ad
Part NumberFK24KIT-18Y

8. Bigbox


Temco, Northern Flame, Lennox, Replacement Fireplace Blower for Heatilator, Vermont Castings, FK24 GFK4B GFK4 FK12 FK4 Fireplace Blower, Martin, Majestic, Monessen

Bigbox #ad - The foam pads also help with stopping any noise created by the fan from being transmited to the sheet metal back wall of the gas insert and making it act like a sound amplifier. Replacing your fireplace blower today, warming your home, it does a great job at blowing the warm air into the room.

Cross reference numbers: fk12, frequency: 60 hz, 54103, insulation: class h rated to 392°F, Rotom HB-RB64, FK24, GFK4A, GFK4B. Heats quickly and reduces energy bills - without the blower or use a worn blower, it will greatly reduce the time required to heat up the room. Installs easily and reduces noise – this replacement fireplace blower comes with double stick foam pads to attach it to the existing fireplace walls. Does it fit your fireplace? - See our listed Models in below descriptions.

Specifications of the blower- length x width x height: 12. 5" x 3. 73" x 3. 23", rotom hb-rb12, za1110, airflow in c. F. M: 130, rotom hb-rb74, power consumption: 31 watts, air discharge length: 9.57", fk4, blade material: aluminum, gfk4, motor rpm: 3000, r7-rb64, r7-rb74, volts: 120, r7-rb12, Frame Material: Aluminum. Replacing your old blower can help save you time, and even save you some money by using less fuel.
BrandBigbox #ad
ManufacturerBigbox #ad
Height3.23 Inches
Length12.5 Inches
Width3.73 Inches

9. Hongso


Northern Flame, Vermont Castings, CFM, Energy Saving, Temco, Monessen, Hongso FK24 Fireplace Blower Fan Kit for Majestic, Rotom HB-RB65, Quiet, Martin

Hongso #ad - Blower replacement parts featuretotal length = 12. 5" width = 3. 73" height = 3. 23" flange opening = 9 1/2", airflow in c. F. M: 118, insulation class h rated to 392°f / 200°c motor RPM: 2050, 120V, 60Hz, 0.6 amps, power consumption watts: 31w; Material: Aluminum + Galvanized Steel; Certifications: Motor UL Approved. Wall switch for blower NOT REQUIRED. Notemake sure you measure the size and shape of your original blower and compare with the replacement BEFORE you order.

Fits majestic models300dvblpsc7, 32vfsnvc, 33ldvtip, 33bdvrrn, 33ldvrep, 33bdvtep, 33ldv, 33bdvrrp, 33ldvren, 32vfsc, 36bdvren, 360dvsr, 33ldvtrp, 360dvs3rp, 360dvsl, 33ldvr, 360dvs3, 33xdvrrp, 33bdvten, 360dvs2rp, 33ldvtrn, 33ldvrrn, 33xdV, 33xdvren, 33isdg, 360dvslrp, 33bdvr, 33xdvr, 360dvs2, 33bdvtrn, 360dvs3rn, 360dvsrrp, 36bdvr, 33ldvt, 360dvsrrn, 33ldvtin, 33bdvren, 33xdvrrn, 360dvslrn, 33bdvtrp, 33bdvt, 33ldvtep, 33ldvten, 33ldvrrp, 33bdvrep, 33xdvrep, 360dvs2rn, 36BDVREP and so on. Cross reference numbersblower kit, hb-rb65, speed control module, R7-RB65, FK24, 54103. Fk24 fireplace blower kit includesblower fan unit, galvanized mounting bracket, thermodisc assembly, noise reduction padding & installation instructions. Fits vermont castings models: 33bdvr, 36rdv, 36cdvx, cdvt36, cdvt33, 36xdven and so on ◆ fits martin: cdvr33, dbr39, dbr33, 36tdvn, 36bdvt, 33tdvd, cdvr36, 39tdv, 36rdvd, 36rdvdsn, dbt36, 33rdvd, 33rdvdsn, 33tdv, 33tdvdsn, cdvr47, d232, 33xdvrn, cdvr42, 36cdvzrrn, 33TDVN, 33rdvn, 39rdvd, dbr36, 36tdvd, 33bdvt, 39tdvd, 36bdvr, dbt39 ◆ fits temco: 36cdvr, 33xdvrp, 36cdvztrn, 33xdvep, cdvt47 ◆ fits northern flame: a232, 33rdv, 36tdvdsn, 36rdvn, dbt33, 39RDV, cdvt42, 33xdven, 36tdv, 41dv, VF36.

If you have any other questions with the installation or models, please contact us directly. Fk24 fireplace blower kit for majesticlx36dv, stdvdpv, mbuc36i, nvc43, uvbcn36, mldv500, mbuc42i, rdv4136, trc42, uvs33rn, rc36a, nvbc42, uv36rp, rhedv25, tl36, uvbc42, stdvdne, nvbr36, uvbc33, rfs22, mbuc42, nvc36, uv33c, stdvdnv, tl42i, mbuc36, rhedv42, rhe32, pfdvdpe, nv580, sc36a, rc36, pfdvdne, rfs42, uvbrn36, rhe42, uvdc42, sc42a, pfdvdnv, uvdc36, rhedv32, tl42, uvc43, mrc42, uv36rn, nvc39, uvbc43, nvb series, tl36i, rfs32, stdvdpe, nv360, rhe25, uvbc36, uvc36, UV33, UVS33RP and so on.
BrandHongso #ad
ManufacturerHongso #ad
Part NumberFK24-KIT

10. Mr. KAN


Temco, Mr. KAN FK24 Fireplace Blower Kit for Majestic, Martin, CFM, Vermont Castings, Northern Flame, Monessen, Quiet FK24 Gas Fireplace Blower Fan Replacement, Rotom HB-RB65

Mr. KAN #ad - Benefitsquiet and warm, helps to reduce costly energy bills, Heats large rooms efficiently, Installs quickly and easily with included instructions, Reasonable price aftermarket parts; It has a variable speed control. Wall switch NOT required. Fk24 fireplace blower kit for majestic36bdvrrn, 36bdvt, dvts2, 36xdvrfn, 39bdvt, uv33c, dbr33, uvbc42, cdvt33, dbr36, 36cdvz, cdvr47, 36cfdv, 43bdvt, 36xdvrn, d232, cdvt42, 36xdv, 43bdvr, uvdc36, fk24, dbt36, bc36, cdvt47cross reference numbersblower kit, dbt39fits martincdvr33, R7-RB65, 39xdv, dvrsl, dvrsrfits northern flamea232, 33BDVR, 33bdvt, cdvr36, cdvr42, 36bdvr, uvbc33, 39bdvr, dbr39, a232, hb-rb65, uvs36, 36CDVX, 36 bdvR RN, 33xdv, dbt33, cdvt36, uvs33, 360DVS, UVS43, 54103.

Fk24 fireplace blower kitincludes blower fan unit, noise reduction padding, variable speed control box, galvanized mounting bracket, magnetic thermostat, 3-prong power cord, installation instructions.

Length x width x height w/o bracket12. 5" x 3. 73" x 3. 23", 06 amps, airflow in c. F. M: 118, 120v, 60hz, insulation class h rated to 392°f / 200°c motor rpm: 2050, flange opening: 9 1/2", Power Consumption watts: 31W; Material: Aluminum + Galvanized Steel; Certifications: Motor UL Approved.
BrandMr. KAN #ad
ManufacturerMr. KAN #ad
Part NumberFK24KIT