Medicine Man

- It's called heartstone Psychiatric Hospital and it houses forty other patients. Neither is she supposed to touch herself at night, imagining his powerful voice and that cold but beautiful face. No, willow taylor shouldn't be attracted to Simon Blackwood at all. Because she's a patient and he's her doctor. A top 100 amazon bestseller★ Willow Taylor lives in a castle with large walls and iron fences.

And whose piercing gray eyes hide secrets, and maybe linger on her face a second too long. Willow isn't supposed to look deep into those eyes. Whose voice drips with authority. Her psychiatrist. The medicine man. She isn't supposed to try to read his tightly-leashed emotions. A man who is cold and distant. But this is no ordinary castle.

Medicine Man - It has nurses with mean faces and techs with permanent frowns. It has a man, as well.

The Unrequited

- But it's time to move on. Sometimes he kisses you back like the world is ending and he will never get to kiss you again. The blue-eyed guy she keeps seeing around campus could be a great one--only he is the new poetry professor--the married poetry professor. Thomas abrams is a stereotypical artist--rude, arrogant, and broody--but his glares and taunts don't scare Layla.

She is suffering from unrequited love. He kisses you until you forget the years of unrequited love; you forget all the rules, and you dare to reach for something that is not yours. Beneath his prickly façade, Thomas is lonely, and Layla wants to know why. Sometimes you end up in the storage room of a bar with your professor and you kiss him.

The Unrequited - Obsessively. Sometimes you do get what you want. A top 100 amazon bestseller★Layla Robinson is not crazy. She might be bad at poetry, but she is good at reading between the lines. No more stalking, no more obsessive calling. What she needs is a distraction.

Broken Knight

- Harloe rae, uSA Today Bestselling author. From usa today and Washington Post bestselling author L. J. Ours had torn chapters, missing paragraphs, and a bittersweet ending. Luna rexroth is everyone’s favorite wallflower. Sweet. Caring. Charitable. Quiet. Fake. Underneath the meek, she wants—namely, and who, tomboy exterior everyone loves yet pities is a girl who knows exactly what, the boy from the treehouse who taught her how to curse in sign language.

Who taught her how to laugh. To live. To love. Knight cole is everyone’s favorite football hero. Gorgeous. Athletic. Rugged. Popular. Liar. Shen comes a new, standalone romance about first loves, betrayal and loss. Not all love stories are written the same way. This daredevil hell-raiser could knock you up with his gaze alone, but he only has eyes for the girl across the street: Luna.

Bad Boy Blues

- A top 40 amazon bestseller★ cleopatra Paige hates one thing in this world - just one - and his name is Zachariah Prince. In grade school, he pulled at her pigtails. And she definitely loathes that his dark eyes seem to follow her everywhere. In middle school, he spread false rumors about her.

And in high school, he ruined her prom. She hates that his smirks are unfairly sexy. He's rude and arrogant, and she wants to stay as far away from him as possible. But unfortunately for Cleo, she lives in the same freaking mansion as Zach. Only he's the prince and she's the lowly maid who serves him. Sometimes, even in her dreams.

Bad Boy Blues - It doesn't matter that he's rich and popular or that he lives in a freaking mansion full of butlers and maids.

Gods & Monsters

- They met in empty classrooms and kissed in darkened church closets. A monster. To twelve-year-old evie Hart, he was just a boy with golden hair, soft t-shirts and a camera. Until they couldn't. Until the time came to choose between love and family, and Evie chose Abel. Because their love was worth the risk. A boy who loved taking her picture and sneaking her chocolates before dinner.

From the author of The Unrequited, comes an unconventional tale of coming of age. He was an artist. They are made of choices and mistakes. Their love was the stuff of legend. But the thing about legends is that they are cautionary tales. And for abel and evie, those mistakes come in the form of lights, the artist and the muse, camera, sex.

Gods & Monsters - She was his muse. To everyone in town, abel Adams was the devil's spawn, a boy who never should have been born. A boy who made her feel special. Despite her family's warnings, she loved him in secret for six years.

The Day He Came Back

Penelope Ward Books, Inc. - From new york times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone novel. It was the summer of my life. I'd met the guy of my dreams. Unfortunately, he was the son of my uppity employer--and very much off-limits. But gavin was a rebel. He knew his mother would disown him if she found out about us; in his eyes, we just had to be careful.

He never treated me as his mother did--like hired help. Instead, gavin put me on a pedestal and loved me harder than I'd ever been loved in my life. What a summer it was. Until it all ended--badly. I was never supposed to see Gavin again. That didn't stop me from thinking about him every day for ten years. I knew little about his life now, just that he was an entrepreneur living an ocean away.

The Day He Came Back - When a twist of fate had me working again in the very place our love affair started a decade earlier, I knew it was only a matter of time before I might see him again. But i wasn't prepared. What if he hated me?what if he loved someone else now?I wasn't prepared for all the unknowns. And most of all, i wasn't prepared for today to be the day he came back.

A War Like Ours

The Wild Rose Press, Inc. - As their lust spins out of control, they must decide if their attraction is worth fighting for or if love is the real enemy. This book contains graphic language and violence. A liar…three weeks ago, james maxwell’s wife died in a car accident, but he hasn’t been able to tell his five-year old daughter the heartbreaking truth behind her mother's death.

Drowning in guilt and memories, James doesn't expect to be drawn to the sharp-witted woman who has made his life miserable. When she meets james, however, she’s driven to protect his child from the darkness she sees inside him. A forbidden kiss…but Madison doesn’t expect to find that very darkness irresistible.

A War Like Ours - But a spirited and outspoken maid at the resort has figured out his secret. A hater…after witnessing her mother’s violent death at the hands of her stepfather, Madison Smith has turned aimless and bitter toward the world—men, in particular. Her dead-end job at the local resort and her convenient girlfriend are barely keep Madison from falling apart.

When their tempers flare, a brutal kiss triggers a need that blurs the lines of hate and desire. Instead, he packs them up and leaves for a summer resort in upstate New York to spend a few peaceful weeks and to gradually break the news.

Burnout: A Dark High School Romance

- We weren’t just a collection of maybes thrust into the world with hope and good intentions. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Having my dirty little secret living down the hall had me obsessing over alternate endings and happily ever afters. In the classroom, he practically ignored me. Maybe if we met at another time—another life—he could’ve been mine.

I’d never wanted someone so badly, but his hot and cold behavior was giving me emotional whiplash. Maybe if he wasn’t my teacher. Maybe if I were older. Everything started with a choice, and somewhere between grief and redemption, I chose to make him mine. Maybe if he wasn’t my brother’s best friend. But here? in my brother’s loft? It felt like we were a thick rubber band, pulled so tight we’d snap.

Burnout: A Dark High School Romance - Falling for decker harris made me realize that life wasn’t as serendipitous as everyone liked to think.

Pretty Reckless

- Fast. Now, i’m her parents’ latest shiny project. She took the only thing I loved. I was poor. She was rich. The good thing about circumstances? They can change. Pretty reckless is unputdownable and absolute Kindle Crack. Kindle crack book reviewsFrom USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author L. J. There’s a price to pay for ruining the only good thing in my life, and she’s about to shell out some serious tears.

Daria followhill thinks she is THE queen. The captain of the rival football team she hates so much. Yeah, baby girl, say it—I’m your foster brother. This complex and venomous tale takes on a modern-day Cruel Intentions/Mean Girls vibe. Her tormentor. Top #4 in the entire store. 14 most sold book on amazon"best romance Novels of 2019" - Oprah Magazine"A runaway train of revenge, rivalry and angst.

Pretty Reckless - Her housemate. Four years ago, he asked me to save all my firsts for him. Now he lives across the hall, and I want nothing more than to be his last everything. His parting words when he gave me his heart were that nothing in this world is free.

The Guy on the Right

- I may not know much about play strategy, but I’ve been the good guy my whole life. I’ve been listening and I know exactly what women want. Framed in a picture standing next to me, Troy may seem like Mr. College. Theodore houseman, former band geek, now marching band rock star has finally landed the girl of his dreams.

Everything is perfect. That is, until Troy takes a good look at her. I’m not going down without a fight. And she’s perfect. That’s right. The place where all bets are off, and I’ve managed to redeem myself. There’s only one problem, my new roommate, Troy, is football royalty and looks like he stepped off the set of an Abercrombie shoot.

The Guy on the Right - Doesn’t matter, i cook a mean breakfast for his panty parade, and we get along well. And anyway, this year I got the girl. Perfect, but he’s underestimating the guy on the right. Spoiler alert: In this story, the underdog is going to win. As a matter of fact, I’m not going down at all. Now a top 40 amazon bestsellerstrike one-my mother named me Theodore after her favorite chipmunk.

Forbidden Kiss Carson Cove Scandals Book 1

Kelli Callahan Books - We decided to take it. We knew the risk. That's what i told myself and I think I even believed it. I don't regret a single second and neither should you. Bryant Benson. It started out so innocent. I was just going to walk up, pretend to be his date, and then we would laugh about it after she was gone. You know what they say about the best laid plans.

. One night of make believe that never should have happened. It ignited a spark inside both of us. We tried to fight it until we made a mistake, And one forbidden kiss led to so much more. Sometimes, you don't know that you're about to cause a scandal until you're right in the middle of it. I saw my best friend's father at an art show, and I knew the woman hitting on him wasn't looking for love.

Forbidden Kiss Carson Cove Scandals Book 1 - I thought I could do him a favor.