Materials for Interior Environments

Wiley - Organized by types of materials and applications, this guide helps designers successfully address material evaluation and selection of interior components. Engagingly written, materials for interior environments is a comprehensive guide to everything a designer needs to know about the materials available for interiors—from aesthetic qualities to manufacturing and fabrication, and helpfully illustrated with more than 550 color illustrations, applications, highly detailed, installation and maintenance, and specifications for materials used in commercial and residential applications.

Used book in Good Condition.

The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book updated & revised: Everything Interior Designers Need to Know Every Day

Rockport Publishers - The interior design reference & specification book collects the information essential to planning and executing interior projects of all shapes and sizes, and distills it in a format that is as easy to use as it is to carry. Some of the topics this excellent reference will explore with you include:-Fundamentals: Provides a step-by-step overview of an interior project, the project schedule, describing the scope of professional services, and the design and presentation tools used by designers.

. In this new, revised edition, you'll also find interviews with top practitioners drawn across the field of interior design. Space: examines ways of composing rooms as spatial environments while speaking to functional and life-safety concerns. Surface: identifies options in color, texture, material, and pattern, while addressing maintenance and performance issues.

The Interior Design Reference & Specification Book updated & revised: Everything Interior Designers Need to Know Every Day - Environments: looks at aspects of interior design that help create a specific mood or character, such as natural and artificial lighting, sound, and smell. Elements: describes the selection and specification of furniture and fixtures, as well as other components essential to an interior environment, such as artwork and accessories.

Resources: gathers a wealth of useful data, from sustainability guidelines to online sources for interiors-related research.

Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors

Wiley - This revision also keeps pace with evolving construction standards and design conventions. From schematics through to working drawings, learn to communicate your vision every step of the way. Includes online access to all-new resources for students and instructors provides real-world perspective using countless example drawings and photos Focuses on interior design-specific aspects of construction documentation Serves as a perfect reference for the contract documents section of the NCIDQ exam Written by designers, Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors remains a standout choice for the fields of interior design, technical drawing, for designers, and construction documentation.

A complete guide to preparing construction documentation from a design perspective Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors has become a must-have guide for students of interior design. No other text provides this kind of attention to detail. Two new chapters, 'concept development and the Design Process' and 'Structural Systems for Buildings, ' along with expanded coverage of building information modeling BIM, address the latest design trends.

Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors - This new third Edition includes access to a full suite of online resources. Students and designers studying for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification NCIDQ will especially appreciate these new materials. It covers the essentials of traditional and computer-aided drafting with a uniquely design-oriented perspective.

Updated content is presented here in a highly visual format, making it easy to learn the basics of drawing for each phase of the design process.

The Codes Guidebook for Interiors

Wiley - The codes guidebook for Interiors provides designers with the comprehensive information they need to stay up-to-date. Written by Katherine E. Kennon a professional architect and facilities planner and Sharon Koomen Harmon a professional interior designer and educator are experts on interior design and architecture codes.

Interior codes and standards reference of choice for designers and architects, updated and revised Completely revised and updated, the seventh edition of The Codes Guidebook to Interiors is the only book devoted exclusively to codes that are applicable to interior designers. The seventh edition includes: easy-to-navigate format geared toward the code process as a whole a step-by-step guide through the codes relevant at each stage in the design process The newest changes to the ADA Standards and ICC/ASI accessibility requirements A companion site that offers interactive checklists, and an Instructor's Manual Having all applicable codes in a single resource saves hours of research time, PowerPoint lecture slides, flashcards, and can dramatically reduce the potential for costly planning oversights.

Updated coverage contains the most recent icc codes, including the International Building Code and new material on the ICC International Green Construction Code, as well as the NFPA's most recent Life code. The guide features jargon-free explanations of all the codes and standards that are relevant to designers and architects, building and finish standards, including performance codes, energy codes, and ADA standards.

The Codes Guidebook for Interiors - Whether renovation or new construction, small or large, codes apply to every project. In addition, including floor plans, the dozens of examples and a greatly enhanced with a set of illustrations, that clearly show how codes apply to real-world project. The authors address a wide-variety of building and project types large and small and they offer information on single family homes and historical and existing buildings.

The Codes Guidebook for Interiors

Wiley - With jargon-free explanations of all standards and regulations of concern to designers and architects, the book takes readers step-by-step through the codes relevant to each stage in the design process. The interactive resource center is an online learning environment where instructors and students can access the tools they need to make efficient use of their time, while reinforcing and assessing their understanding of key concepts for successful understanding of the course.

Wiley. The codes guidebook for Interiors provides designers with the comprehensive information they need to stay up-to-date. The codes guidebook for interiors, Sixth Edition is the standards reference of choice for designers and architects, and the only guide devoted exclusively to codes applicable to interiors.

The updated sixth edition features the latest information on fire codes, building and finish standards, and accessibility regulations, performance codes, energy codes, plus enhanced illustrations that clearly demonstrate how codes apply in real-life scenarios. Interior designers, architects, and facility managers need a basic understanding of the various codes involved with building interiors.

The Codes Guidebook for Interiors - These codes are updated on a continuous basis, and professionals must stay on top of new requirements and upcoming codes processes. An access card with redemption code for the online Interactive Resource Center is included with all new, print copies or can be purchased separately. The online interactive resource center contains resources tied to the book, such as: Interactive Forms and Checklists Downloadable Bibliography Flashcards by chapter for focused learning Get up to speed on the latest codes with the complete reference for interiors.

The Interior Plan: Concepts and Exercises

Fairchild Books - Bloomsbury Academic Fairchild. Exercises throughout the book facilitate learning by encouraging students to apply ideas and concepts immediately after reading about them. This introductory-level text introduces students to the planning of interior environments, addressing both the contents of the environments and the process of interior space planning.

Finally, there are new exercises that engage students and test their ability to apply what they have learned. It also features new original artwork by the author and a new glossary for quick look-up of terms. This second edition features logically re-organized content with coverage on accessibility and universal design throughout, providing for a more intuitive read.

The Interior Plan: Concepts and Exercises - Wiley. Topics include the making of rooms, functional relationships among project parts, the design of effective spatial sequences, planning effective circulation systems, making spaces accessible, arrangement of furniture, and designing safe environments with efficient emergency egress systems.

Basics Design Ideas

Birkhauser Architecture - Wiley. In addition to suggesting fundamental ways to get the creative process moving and develop a design approach, it also proposes various sources of inspiration for design ideas. These elements must eventually be incorporated as the design process. Subjects: creativity in the design process; Sources of inspiration and design approaches; Working with place; Working with form; Working with function.

Design ideas offers students a variety of different ways to go about finding a design solution. Bloomsbury Academic Fairchild. It focuses on the three elements of place, and function, form, which can sometimes constitute immediate springboards for concrete designs.

Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces, Third Edition

John Wiley & Sons - A practical approach to planning residential spaces residential Interior Design: A Guide To Planning Spaces is the industry-standard reference for all aspects of residential space planning, ergonomics, with a practical focus on accessible design, and how building systems affect each space. Wiley. Interior design is a fundamental component of a residential space, and a required skill for architecture and design professionals.

This new third edition has been updated with the most recent code information, including the 2015 International Residential Code and the International Green Construction Code, and new content on remodeling. Packed with hundreds of drawings and photographs, this book illustrates a step-by-step approach to design that applies to any residential space, and ensures that the most important factors are weighted heavily in the decision making process.

The new companion website features teaching tools and a variety of learning supplements that help reinforce the material covered. Detailed information about accessibility is included in each chapter, making this book a reliable design reference for "aging in place" and universal design. This book is a complete reference on all aspects of residential design, and the factors that make a space "work.

Design spaces with primary consideration of daily use account for building systems, and more Get up to date on the latest residential interior building codes Plan interiors for any home, and any budget Designing a residential interior is about more than choosing paint colors and furniture—it's about people, any style, human factors, accessibility, and how they interact and use the space.

Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces, Third Edition - Residential interior Design provides clear, comprehensive guidance on getting it right every time. Daily use is a major consideration, hallways, and the authors explore the minimum amount of space each room requires to function appropriately while examining the host of additional factors that impact bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

Basics Interior Architecture 05: Texture + Materials

AVA Publishing - Readers are encouraged to consider the sustainability of each material and its future use, and text is accompanied by both historical and contemporary case studies. Basics interior architecture 05: Texture + Materials forms an inspiring introduction to many of the materials currently used in the design of interior spaces.

The book explores the choice and use of materials and evaluates the effects of these choices on a space, termperature, discussing topics such as light, acoustics and general atmosphere. Each chapter assesses a single material, and places it in its historical, with its inherent flaws and individual qualities, geographical and cultural context.

Basics Interior Architecture 05: Texture + Materials - Used book in Good Condition. Wiley. Bloomsbury Academic Fairchild.

Interior Graphic Standards: Student Edition

Wiley - The new student edition of the definitive reference on architectural interiors Interior Graphic Standards, Student Edition is a carefully edited treatment of the authoritative Interior Graphic Standards Professional Edition. Used book in Good Condition. In addition, 300 informative illustrations, is packed with more than 1, this second Student Edition offers more material on residential design, and includes the latest coverage for students to find real help understanding the critical material they need for the core classes required by all curriculums.

New topics include accessible design basics, fire protection systems, computing technologies, fire-resistive construction, interior equipment, security and communications systems, evidence-based design, and climate considerations. Designed and organized to give students the specific information they require, this is an essential reference for anyone studying architectural interiors.

Interior Graphic Standards: Student Edition - Bloomsbury Academic Fairchild. Additional revisions to this edition include: updated coverage of sustainable design and materials and ada standards for accessible design Companion website featuring online resources for students Expert advice and details for designing interior project types including commercial, performance, hospitality, retail, healthcare, covering interior partitions and floor systems, and museum spaces, updated lighting practices, floor, residential, as well as existing building interiors Like Interior Graphic Standards Professional Edition, educational, furnishings, equipment, and wall, this student edition's Second Edition provides essential specification and detailing information for working inside the structural shell, and ceiling finishes.

Fundamentals of Lighting: Studio Instant Access

Fairchild Books - Used book in Good Condition. Wiley. Bloomsbury Academic Fairchild. Fundamentals of lighting, 3rd Edition, takes an integrated approach to the study of lighting and design. To receive free access to the studio content with new copies of this book, please refer to the book + STUDIO access card bundle ISBN 9781501320927.

Topics include lighting system basics, regulations, lighting and the design process, global issues, business practices, human factors, sustainability, and the LEED building certification program. Fundamentals of lighting studio-an online tool for more effective study! · study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips· Review concepts with flashcards of essential vocabulary· Enhance your knowledge with projects and exercisesPLEASE NOTE: Purchasing or renting this ISBN does not include access to the STUDIO resources that accompany this text.