Athica Lane: The Carpino Series

Brynne Asher - But anything and all of the above can happen when you finally put yourself out there for a single-dad-ex-football-player-smarty-pants-hot-man. When you throw the carpino’s, the montgomery’s and an eighty-five year old bossy woman in the mix, it’s a recipe for…well…something big. Warning: this book contains a hot dad, a sassy heroine, steamy parts and naughty words.

. She’s never put herself out there, but then again, there’s never been anyone worthy of putting herself out there for. Until one day in a burger joint, an asshole practically enters her into a wet t-shirt contest with his drink. If you’re under the age of 18, this author is frowning at you with her mama eyes telling you to walk away.

Athica Lane: The Carpino Series - Even if it is sassy-wiseass paige Carpino, who can still be sweet, but at every turn knocks him on his ass with the unexpected. That’s figuratively speaking of course. Cam doesn’t have the luxury of time for anything more, especially a relationship. Dealing with his disaster of an ex-wife is bad enough, not to mention delinquent football players and a meddlesome mother.

Cam montgomery is a single full time dad who knows his priorities: his kids, his team, his job, his side business. Or more importantly, that asshole would be your reason for being. Paige might come in a small package, but she makes up for it in spirit.

Beautiful Life: The Carpino Series

Brynne Asher - But as perfectly determined and patient as he is, I don’t know if I can ever be whole again. Can tony love leigh enough to heal the demons that haunt her broken soul and have the woman he missed out on years ago?This is a love story. Determined. Because love isn’t love unless it’s selfless. This book contains mature subject matter and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Webster’s defines to heal as “to make healthy, whole or sound; restore to health, free from ailment. But webster’s also defines to heal as “to free from evil; cleanse; purify: to heal the soul. My soul is shattered. I’m one hell of a mess because I need both and I don’t know how both can possibly happen.

Beautiful Life: The Carpino Series - He knows exactly what I need even before I do. He’s wants to give me everything, make my life beautiful when my life has always been ugly. It doesn’t matter how long i’ve wanted him…and I’ve wanted Tony Carpino for a long time. This is a story of heartache and broken souls. Can i ever recover from losing my unborn child at the hands of my abusive husband? Will I ever learn to think for myself again? No, I’ve been trained to fear those who are supposed to love me, conditioned to watch my every move and word so as to not suffer the consequences.

This is the story of Tony and Leigh.

Overflow: The Carpino Series

Brynne Asher - What begins to look like a chance at happiness for Gabby and sexy Jude Ortiz, it could all be ripped away when past demons are forced into the light. Gabby's awakening begins when she's cuffed and patted down by Special Agent Jude Ortiz. Between battling criminals, flooded basements, and the crazy Carpinos, fantasy football drafts, Jude finds himself unable to resist her charms.

Between battling criminals, flooded basements, fantasy football drafts and Gabby's crazy family, Jude finds himself unable to resist her beauty and quirkiness. Just when it looks like there's a chance at happiness for Gabby and Jude, everything is threatened when past demons are forced into the light. Finding himself wrestling feelings he hasn't allowed in years, Jude moves in to watch over Gabby at the first sign of trouble.

Overflow: The Carpino Series - When jude's protective instincts kick in, he finds himself wrestling feelings he hasn't allowed in years and he moves in to watch over Gabrielle. With his dark chocolate eyes and commanding, bossy ways, Gabby can't resist. Gabrielle carpino has forced herself to move through the motions of life over the past few years since tragedy touched her family.

Demons that no one sees coming. Gabby's awakening begins as she is cuffed and patted down by Special Agent Jude Ortiz, with his dark chocolate eyes and a commanding bossy way that Gabby just can't resist. Closing herself off from living her life and refusing to look to the future has become her norm … that is, until one day at a client's home when she's thrown into a tailspin.

Until Avery: A Carpino Series Crossover Novella The Carpino Series Book 4

- Her flame lit up my darkness. Her dreams became mine and I’d move heaven and earth to give them life. Dreams. I never had one. Especially when my past surfaced and threatened to kill every dream we had. Until avery, I had nothing. Her notes ignited my heart. She wrote the words missing from my life. That day my world tilted.

It became unhinged. I’d fight for her, for us, because right now, I have everything to lose. Never even knew what a dream was until a certain unassuming Carpino waltzed into my life. Warning: the author will have a dramatic fit—Scarlett O’Hara style—if anyone under the age of eighteen touches this book.

Until Avery: A Carpino Series Crossover Novella The Carpino Series Book 4 - I might not have been a dreamer, but she was. But i’m Link Forester.

Broken Halo The Montgomery Series Book 2

- But when the world comes crashing down and the stakes couldn’t be higher, I can’t run and I can’t hide. They might be random and insignificant to anyone else, but they meant something to us. I need the help of the one person whose loathing for me runs deeper than blood and colder than his icy-blue stare.

One we had no control over. Until they were ripped away. That was the day our lives took a different course. I need Trig. I need him more than I know. One that others puppeteered and mangled into a cluster so big, it left us with emotional scars lined with resentment and venom toward each other. All because i’m a Montgomery and he’s a Barrett.

Broken Halo The Montgomery Series Book 2 - Now, trig’s back and he hates me with more hostility and rage than ever … and I’ve learned to do the same. No, they meant everything to us. Zero three zero nine. Four little numbers … four little words.

Gifts: A Killers Novel, Book 3 The Killers

- Working close to home after years away, he finally has the time to focus on his kids. He never dreams the troubles lurking in the hallways of the local high school would shake his family to its core. Because in the end, there’s nothing more precious than the gift of life. If so, walk away and don’t come back.

But when school bullies turn into something much worse, Asa starts to dig around. With drug dealers lurking, and threats coming from every angle, bullets flying, Asa must do everything he can to protect the ones he loves. No one would say Keelie Lockhart isn’t determined. Saddled with a century-old dilapidated farmhouse she can’t afford, two dogs, and a geriatric donkey, a bevy of goats, the last thing she has time for is a man—even if that man is a knight whose shining armor comes in the form of worn-in jeans and work boots.

Gifts: A Killers Novel, Book 3 The Killers - Warning:  oh, i’m sorry, that’s a fake ID. Taking on the role of both mom and dad to her two young kids, she’s managing life the best she can. I’ll gladly welcome you back when you become a legit adult. Little does he know, a chance meeting with a petite, strawberry-blonde stranded on the side of the road, would intertwine their lives in a way he’d never want to untangle.

Controlled, methodical, and focused—Asa Hollingsworth takes charge of everything in life. If you’re not eighteen, consider yourself bounced and walk away from my books.

Bad Situation The Montgomery Series Book 1

- This book is not PG-13. This author doesn’t enjoy mama-drama of any sorts. Not that I haven't been here before. Do her a favor and walk away. Hell, i’ve made my career in the gray. Not just bad—deep and black and ugly. And i’m about to make it worse. I never hesitate going to battle when my gut tells me I'm right.

And right now, my gut—among other things—is speaking loud and clear about Jen Montgomery. She’s in a bad situation. If you are under the age of 18, do NOT pick up this book. She just doesn’t know it yet. Warning: this author is also a mom who runs a PG-13 home. A group of women walk into a bar…sounds like the start of a crude joke, well, right? Yeah, the joke's on me because I'm investigating the gorgeous one in the heels with the great body.

Bad Situation The Montgomery Series Book 1 - Jensen Montgomery. Now i'm treading that area between right and wrong, good and bad, where sin and honor meld to become gray.

Paths: A Killers Novel, Book 2 The Killers

- When her path led her to the middle-of-nowhere Virginia, she found the perfect place to hide. If you’re not of age, save this author from her untimely death, and go read about teenage wizards. Day in—day out, she was the only thing he’d allowed himself to think about. Even so, battered, she couldn’t help but become obsessed with the bruised, and beautiful killer who walked into her life.

Grady Cain reached rock bottom. They're awesome. This book is not PG-13. His past finally caught up with him, causing him to lose his edge at work and in life. She would literally keel over and die if anyone under the age of 18 read this book. A woman on the run, maya had no business befriending anyone, let alone allowing herself to become involved with a man … especially after her last experience.

Paths: A Killers Novel, Book 2 The Killers - Maya augustine needed to disappear—her life depended on it. The other had nothing to run to. Until these troubled souls crossed paths…And two paths became one. Warning: this author is a mom who runs a PG-13 home. To focus on. One was running.

Until Joe: Happily Ever Alpha

Boom Factory Publishing, LLC - He finds what he’s looking for in a feisty southern belle named bernice armstrong wallflower series by cp smith the question is, can he leave his world behind for a chance at happiness? And if he does, Aurora Rose Reynolds, can he keep Bernice away from outside sources that threaten to steal what he’s waited for his whole life: a soul mate he can live and die for!Part of the Happily Ever Alpha World brought to you by Boom Factory Publishing LLC, and Author CP Smith.

Sometimes the greatest love comes in the middle of your life. Joe rouger uncle joe from the Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds is ready for a woman who completes him.

Vines The Killers Book 1

Brynne Asher - If you aren’t eighteen, turn around, go drink your milk and eat your veggies, it’s good for your bones. All he had to do was train his replacements and he’d be out for good. Warning: i’m a devout member of the mama club and don’t want to get kicked out by angry mamas. And read a pg-13 book, it’s good for your brain.

I’ll see you back when you’re eligible to vote. In the virginia countryside outside of Washington, DC, Addy Wentworth was on a mission to make a new life for herself. Experiencing more than her fair share of tragedy and loss, she had plans for her future, one where failure wasn’t an option. He had a plan, a woman who not only kept cows for pets, but treasured her employees as family, one that didn’t include getting involved with his new neighbor, and understood him better than anyone ever had before.

Vines The Killers Book 1 - And not just because people and cows were counting on her. And don’t text and drive. She’d poured everything she had into her struggling vineyard, because once she’s in, she’s all in. After giving himself wholly to the job for ten years, Crew Vega was done. He’d fulfilled his commitment, done his duty, gone above and beyond to settle the score.

And the score was high. And like everything crew Vega did in life, when he goes in, he’s all in.

Until the Tequila: Happily Ever Alpha World

Boom Factory Publishing, LLC - If you aren’t eighteen, step away from the purchase button, turn around, and walk away. Because the tequila did what it does best, Mary’s words flowed faster than the magic liquid she was shooting with salt and lime. Mary had demons—ones she thought were buried. Then, everything changed. Not anymore. I’m evan hargrove and i’ll turn the world red before I let anything happen to her.

This is a killers series crossover novella written for the Happily Ever Alpha World of NYT Bestselling Author, Aurora Rose Reynolds. We’ll pretend this never happened and I won’t tell your parents. She thought wrong. She can’t hide from her past or from me. Tequila: a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant and, in Mary’s case, a truth serum.

Until the Tequila: Happily Ever Alpha World - It took one night. No, a bevy of cocktails, it took one dinner, and a woman who’s been skirting me for months. Warning: this book contains naughty words and sexy bits.